These MIUI 9 Features would blow your mind

these MIUI 9 Features would blow your mind

Xioami is maintaining their classy user interface. Most of the features are challenging phones and other Android phones. Recently launched redmi 4a comes in handy at an affordable rate that any lower middle-class people can afford it. MIUI 9 will be released for all Xiaomi/Redmi devices except the M1/1S and Mi 2A. Newly rolled out MIUI 9 features comes with a lot of enhancements and features that make the user experience better and easy to use in the user interface and fastness. Let’s take a look at the MAJOR features that blow everyone’s mind away. Don’t be stun, share this article of this helps you.

These MIUI 9 Features would blow your mind:

1. Advanced Home Screen

MIUI 9 has changed the home screen management and added several tweaks. You can change the default home screen in a very short time. All you have to do is pinch-in on the screen, select an app which shows all the screens below. Just long-press on a screen and move it your choice of place. This feature comes with third party launcher, but MIUI 9 has made it inbuilt in the update.
These MIUI 9 Features would blow your mind

2. Improved Notification

MIUI 9 update has made several improvements in the notification bar, A search bar is integrated at the top of the notification bar along the barcode search. One major feature that all users were eagerly waiting is to reply messages from notification shade itself. This has been added in MIUI 9. You can expand message notification by double finger swipe and a reply icon is shown. However, this feature was already present in other lollypop devices.
These MIUI 9 Features would blow your mind

3. Lock Screen Modification.

New lock screen modification in MIUI 9 is similar to other Android devices. However new MIUI 9 has made a slight modification out of it.
These MIUI 9 Features would blow your mind

4. Quick switch

MIUI 9 has undergone a significant change. The time interval between two apps has been chopped off. Although this was the major feature in the update of Nought version.
These MIUI 9 Features would blow your mind

5. Screen Transition Effects.

The design is the main highlight of the Xiomi phones. Previous MIUI 8 never had screen transition effects as an inbuilt feature. However installing 3rd party launcher apps were filing this feature. Now in MIUI 9 update, Screen Transition Effects comes inbuilt. All you have to do is pinch in on the screen, tap settings and give a try on the available transition effects.

6. Most awaited feature: Split screen

All hail MIUI 9, You can split the screen for two different tasks. This has been the most significant feature in the MI Phones and reduces the time and increase the speed of the work. However, this was available in some moto phones having marshmallow versions but many of them were not aware of it.

These were some of the major features of MIUI 9. Apart from the above, much more features will be rolled out in MIUI9. Also, Xiaomi has also introduced a couple of new themes and a new experimental feature called MIUI Lab.
So, are you excited for this update? We will be waiting to hear from you.

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