Convert Short Videos to a single gif file


Gif images are a pretty trend these days. They are the alternatives for videos below 10 seconds. You can convert these videos to gif image and share on the share on social medias. They load faster than videos and consumes less file size.

Gif images you receive on WhatsApp will be saved in video format in your phone’s gallery. Because your device will save WhatsApp gif files as shorter videos and not as a gif. But you can convert shorter videos to gif format and edit them.

Convert Short Videos to gif file:

 Download Gif maker app from the playstore. This app has many benefits like edit gif files and makes multiple images to a single gif file. In this post, we shall see how to convert short videos to a gif file.

 Open the app and tap on the + icon and select “From videos” option. I will show the video files only. Select any shorter duration videos.
Convert Short Videos to gif file

  There are no complicated steps involved in this.You have an option to crop video however you want. Remember, this will reduce file resolution. When the file is displayed on the screen, just tap on “Save” button on the top right of the screen. That’s it, gif file will be created in the gallery, you can share this gif file in the social media and chat apps.
Convert Short Videos to gif file

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